Tänään esitettävä Top Gear USA:n kuudennen tuotantokauden viimeinen jakso on jäämässä tuoreen tiedon mukaan tällä erää viimeiseksi. Sarjan juontaja Rutledge Wood ilmoitti asiasta Facebook- ja Instagram-tileillään sunnuntaina. Wood tarkentaa viestissään, että jakso ei välttämättä tule olemaan sarjan historian viimeinen, mutta se ei tule ainakaan lähitulevaisuudessa jatkumaan History Channelilla.


I’m very sad to say, but Tuesday night’s #TopGear on @History is the last TG US that we have shot for you. I’m not saying Top Gear USA is done, but it’s done for the immediate future on @History . I remember the day that I got the phone call to ask if I’d be interested in talking to one of the producers about possibly being one of the hosts of the US’s version of the world’s most iconic car show. It’s been an amazing ride for sure, and although I don’t think the show is done, it appears that it’s done with our friends at History, and we’re incredibly grateful for being a part of the A&E Networks family. I have had so much fun with Tanner and Adam, they really are like brothers to me. We’ve traveled this amazing country and to some of the coolest places on earth together, and even in the hardest moments, it’s been a total dream come true. The three of us will stick together and hope to bring you much more Top Gear USA, albeit it somewhere else it appears. To the FANS- we cannot say enough how much we truly appreciate each and every one of you. You have always been there for us in great numbers, and we really do love you all. You are the reason shows like ours exist, and you’re also the reason we’ve been so lucky to do this show for so long together. We never dreamed how many families would sit and watch our show and laugh together. We never knew how many couples would sit and watch three goofballs go out and try to make each other laugh. And yet, you all watched…and you told other people and shared in the joy. To everyone who worked on TGUS- thank you. For everything. You’re our family and you’re the reason we got to do this for so many years together. So here’s a toast to all of you out there. I hope you’ll watch Tuesday night and enjoy the last show we made for you. We took a trip of a lifetime down to Cuba and drove classic American cars from the 50’s down there, and I can tell you it’s one of the coolest things we have ever done together. Cheers and lots of love, Rutledge

Kuva, jonka @rutledgewood julkaisi

Vuodesta 2010 pyörineen auto-ohjelman juontajina ovat toimineet alusta asti kolmikko Rutledge Wood, Adam Ferrara ja Tanner Foust. Ohjelmaa näyttäneen History Channelin kiinnostus sarjaa kohtaan on ilmeisesti nyt loppunut. On kuitenkin edelleen hyvinkin mahdollista, että ohjelmaa tuottanut BBC etsii nyt uutta TV-yhtiötä sarjan uudeksi kodiksi.

Sarjan tänään esitettävässä viimeisessä jaksossa juontajakolmikko ajaa klassisia amerikkalaisia autoja Kuubassa ja Woodin mukaan se on ”yksi cooleimmista asioista joita kolmikko on koskaan tehnyt yhdessä”.

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